Feb 24, 2010

Vilnius Challenge 2010 urban adventure race

During the next few months my friend Gedas and I have been and will continue to be intensively involved in organizing Vilnius Challenge urban adventure race. Blinded (or not) with positive feedback from last year's event, we have spent so far many hours calling potential sponsors/partners, setting media campaigns, thinking of how to make the event better, more attractive and rewarding for both the racers and the spectators.

So if you happened to be reading this blog, please open your calendar and check if you are available on June 5, 2010 and can be in Vilnius on that day. If so, grab a red marker and circle the date! Next step - find a teammate (either a boy or a girl) to race with. Then, sign up on the Vilnius Challenge race website and depending on your team's goal, either start racing, continue eating ice cream or both.

Our teams guarantees that you will not regret testing yourselves while exploring Vilnius city while biking, orienteering, climbing, paddling, even going underground. If racing is not your forte, come to watch and bring a friend (we are not against the loners but if you bring your best friend we will give you a scoop of ice cream) . So come on June 5th (from early morning to late evening) to the green lawn in front of pedestrian bridge across Neris river and race or watch Vilnius Challenge 2010!